About Soul Seeker Yoga

Janine Cade - Owner at Soul Seeker Yoga

Hello! My name is Janine Cade, I am a certified Hatha Raja Yoga Teacher and I am owner and teacher at Soul Seeker Yoga.

I’m passionate about yoga and love to share that with anyone who is interested. I feel trulyn grateful every time I’m in front of a class – it’s a constant source of inspiration to watch clients flourish in their yoga practise and there’s  never a class that doesn’t fly by!

Yoga came to me as a teenager when I first began experiencing the numinous in the Universe, my passion for the inner journey has been with me ever since. I’ve been a constant student of life, curious about human motivations and seeking to understand myself as fully as possible. In my 20’s I had my first experience of physical yoga when Ashtanga Vinyasa burst onto the scene in London and I loved it. My physical practice followed the ebb and flow of life but in more recent years became very devoted and soon after that I knew my dharma was to teach.

Following qualification I taught in local halls and community spaces but wanted to create a more nurturing and bespoke environment for my growing student body. Unable to find spaces to meet that criteria, I came across 1 Market Close and knew I’d found the space that was so needed in Inverness, a space for an intimate, dedicated yoga studio.

At SSY Vinyasa Flow, Power, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga classes are taught as well meditation and mindfulness.  You can find out more about the specific classes taught at the studio here and below you can find out about the other teachers who are part of our team here at SSY. I feel truly honoured and lucky to know them and have them teaching at the studio.


Fiona Salmond-Smith

My journey with yoga began when I was 19, it was love at first asana! It all made sense, though as I continued to practice I wanted to seek more and so decided to become a Sivananda Yoga Teacher. From there, I taught at an established holistic studio in York. Travel and living overseas continued my exploration of different styles of yoga which deepened and developed my practice extensively, especially my travels to the source of yoga – India; immersing myself in a yoga ashram and onward on my spiritual journey. Further to these studies, the pregnancies of my closest friends prompted me to research further into how yoga may assist in pregnancy. It’s huge benefits encouraged me to qualify as a pregnancy yoga teacher, combining yoga with an awareness of the medical perspective of pregnancy. Yoga is such a gift, one which I believe we should all afford ourselves in our busy lives. It’s given me a sense of purpose, fulfilment and inner harmony. I look forward to meeting and practising with you!


Maya Rios

Yoga found me by accident when I was attempting to heal an injury. Very quickly I realised that it’s much more than just a physical practice and since then I’ve been using it as a way to heal not just my body but also my heart and my mind. Yoga has held me together over the most intense periods of my life by giving me a safe space to find peace. My family background is immersed in medicine, both traditional Chinese and Western and with this grounding I’ve developed a keen interest in how the human body works. In addition, my mother is a highly dedicated meditation teacher who’s helped me develop a strong meditation practice. Whenever I teach, I always try to make the practice as safe as possible, drawing from my knowledge of anatomy, the subtle bodies and meditation. I want your practice to be a safe place that’ll help you develop strength and flexibility as well as guide you to find the quiet and peace that is within yourself.


Natallia Maguire

Hello! I’m a yoga teacher with over 12 years experience in the health and fitness industry. My style of yoga teaching is a mix of Flow and Hatha. It’s  best described as a fusion of strength and stretch, play and mindfulness, precision and flow inspired by my years of teaching Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Dance and other disciplines. I can’t wait to practice with you!





About the Studio

Soul Seeker Yoga is a beautiful, boutique studio nestled within the first and second floor of a listed building in the historic centre of Inverness. A calm and serene space chosen for it’s intimate feel, at Soul Seeker Yoga classes are limited to 10 participants, so clients feel truly nurtured within the space.  An entirely different experience from yoga in a gym or local hall, yoga in a dedicated space has to be experienced!

The studio features quality, eco friendly mats and props, so all is provided for your practice, though of course you are welcome to bring your own should you wish to. Our wonderful studio not only features a serene practice space on the upper floor but a cosy reception area on the lower floor, where you can leave belongings securely, hang out before or after class and maybe enjoy a complimentary tea or delicious coffee from our Lavazza machine.