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At Soul Seeker Yoga we offer a variety of yoga classes and styles across a weekly program of 15 sessions, all held in our beautiful, boutique yoga studio in the heart of Inverness.  Knowledgeable adjustments, nourishing sequences and small class size are the main features of our classes, with quality, eco-friendly equipment provided.
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Yoga classes are offered through our Memberships, Discovery Pass and through Single Class Purchase.  At Soul Seeker Yoga we offer an empowering, liberating and uplifting yoga experience with both value and flexibility. Book different classes on different days, depending on your weekly schedule and yoga needs
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What we offer

At Soul Seeker Yoga our aim is to help you increase the strength and flexibility of your body while centring your mind and soothing your spirit.

Through heat creating strength sequences and longer holds we help you to nourish you body enabling it to function at it’s best. With gentle flows and quiet meditations, we make the space to reconnect with mind and spirit.

With a strong emphasis on anatomy and alignment, accurate verbal cues are offered to enable the maximum benefit in each posture. Strong, supportive and safe hands on adjustment is also provided where appropriate and desired, once familiar with a student’s body.  Both verbal and hands on adjustment can rapidly increase understanding of where to be in a pose (or where we intend to be) which is hugely beneficial to our practise.

At Soul Seeker Yoga, we not only offer the opportunity to develop your yoga practice, whatever your fitness level, ability or experience but also the opportunity to do this in a safe, comfortable, friendly and supportive environment, with like minded people, all attracted to this wonderful, ancient practice.

Soul Seeker Yoga is in the heart of Inverness


About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice rooted in the prehistoric cultures of Northern India, preserved and built on for millenia by dedicated practitioners, right up until the present day.  We gratefully draw on their knowledge and experience to inform our practise but in parallel, yoga is a process of self enquiry.  A way to connect with the still, quiet, point at the centre of our being, a personal journey that we initiate through the physical practice, breathing exercices and meditation.

Yoga is a rapidly growing lifestyle choice across the world.  At a time when we're pressured to be more, do more and buy more, yoga invites us to press the pause button, reconnect with body and mind and nourish our spirit.  From that place we can be more fully in our life, enjoying what we have here and now.


What clients say

… I’m thoroughly enjoying the yoga. Janine is a fantastic instructor and is very encouraging, I highly recommend it …

Lorraine J

Just did my first session and it was brilliant. Would totally recommend 😊

Jodie S

By far the best yoga teacher I have ever had! In only a few weeks my strength and flexibility has dramatically increased! Cannot recommend this studio enough! 👍😊

Sally T

I was just visiting Inverness for two days and I join a class there. It was amazing, exactly what I needed. Breath, movement, peace and love. No doubt I would repeat the experience ❤️ thank you so much!

Cintia C

I was a complete beginner when I started a few months ago and I can’t believe how much it’s improved my strength, flexibility and overall fitness doing just 1 session per week. Relaxed, friendly classes that can be as physically intense as you want them to be thanks to a very knowledgeable teacher.

Alba G

Since moving to Inverness I’ve missed having a dedicated yoga school away from the typical gym/exercise classes. Janine does not disappoint…. her studio is beautiful, tastefully decorated and warm, the equipment she provides is of a high quality and her standard of teaching is excellent.

Nicki B

Such a great yoga class. Janine is very knowledgeable and the class was very relaxing even though the yoga itself is challenging as it’s working on strength and balance.

Angela H

Fantastic class in a beautiful and calming environment. Janine is a great teacher.

Emma L

I love it. Never done Yoga before and I thought it will be impossible but it’s truly amazing and Janine is a great teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

Iza S

Janine is amazing and her studio is awesome. Thank you for such a warm and genuine welcome to every class I attend.

Paula J

There is a lovely balance of breath awareness and asana or body practice. The studio space is warm and light with an intimate feel. Highly recommend Janine’s teaching!

Pen N

Lovely surroundings, great (attentive to all) teacher. Glad to have a much over due yoga studio in the city.

Laura M

I enjoy and benefit from Janine’s yoga classes. She creates a good atmosphere with her calm voice, talking you through each move, never letting you over reach your limits and helping you get to a better position.

Kaye F

With such busy lives we all lead I needed to improve living in the moment, I found my mind would wander. With Janine’s guidance at yoga I am able to switch off and concentrate on the breath and as a bonus I am more flexible, stand taller and trimmer! I strongly recommend Janine’s sessions she’s quite a marvel.

Joanne W

First time ever joining a yoga class at age 60+yrs. Janine brings understanding, patience and fun to her class which made this very positive and extremely enjoyable.

Pam W

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical prior to the class … however, I had heard good things about Janine so decided to give her class a go. She has totally changed my mind about yoga – I love it!! The class is challenging yet immensely enjoyable and Janine always ensures that we execute the moves correctly, which is so important and really helps me to see the benefit of it all … Janine is a fantastic teacher and I would recommend this to anyone … Thank you!

Kay P

Janine is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had.  She’s calm, patient and in just a few weeks really helped increase my strength and flexibility. I completely recommend her classes, they’re wonderful!

Cathryn C

As a beginner, Janine has enabled me to achieve so much more than I ever thought possible.  Her calm, clear, instructions during class leave me feeling both relaxed and accomplished, yoga is now part of my everyday life.

Eleanor B

Brilliant teacher with a sound teaching ethic…

Janet H

My husband and I really enjoyed the classes and are looking forward to returning to new sessions. Feeling the benefits already, good clear instructions and supervision from Janine. Worth going!!!!

Claire W

Janine is a fantastic instructor, she is very knowledgeable about adapting poses for everyone’s needs. I always feel great after a class.

Laura M
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