Events at SSY

Join us as Spring begins to unfold, to recognize and celebrate the rising energy of Eostre & Ushas, the energy of new beginnings, through yoga, meditation, food & connection.

We’ll start in the morning as we focus on a warming all-levels yoga practice that aims to open and detoxify the body, eliminating any stagnancy from the winter and inviting in a sense of new spaciousness in the body, breath and mind.

You’ll then be led in a gorgeous guided meditation, to explore further the energy we’ve been cultivating and invite in Spring’s surging power and influence into your life.

After a delicious vegan lunch together, we’ll dive further into detoxification and Spring Clearing, with a specially tailored session of myo-fascial release and somatic stretching bodywork. We’ll close the day with a sumptuous session of yin & restorative yoga.

Investment for this beautiful day of rejuvenation & and celebration of the Dawning of Spring is just £72 for Members (special rate applied at checkout) and £80 for non-Members.