What we offer

At Soul Seeker Yoga our aim is to help you increase the strength and flexibility of your body while centring your mind and soothing your spirit.

Through heat creating strength sequences and longer holds we help you to nourish you body enabling it to function at it’s best. With gentle flows and quiet meditations, we make the space to reconnect with mind and spirit.

With a strong emphasis on anatomy and alignment, accurate verbal cues are offered to enable the maximum benefit in each posture. Strong, supportive and safe hands on adjustment is also provided where appropriate and desired, once familiar with a student’s body. Both verbal and hands on adjustment can rapidly increase understanding of where to be in a pose (or where we intend to be) which is hugely beneficial to our practise.

At Soul Seeker Yoga, we not only offer the opportunity to develop your yoga practice, whatever your fitness level, ability or experience but also the opportunity to do this in a safe, comfortable, friendly and supportive environment, with like minded people, all attracted to this wonderful, ancient practice.

Soul Seeker Yoga is in the heart of Inverness